Character Attachments

I know there’s one character, one special character, that no matter how many times your friends laugh at you about it, no matter how many times you laugh with them, will always be a piece of your heart. 

I know some people don’t understand why we like fictional characters, but it’s simple really.

1. We have our imaginations. So they can be as attractive as we want. 

Now when I tell someone that a fictional character is attractive, a lot of the time they say ‘How do you know he’s attractive?’ This question infuriates me. I just know. But honestly how do I? The character probably looks different to all of us, but yet there’s a mutual knowing that this character is perfection. I mean it may just be the writing and descriptions but I feel that he just is. That’s why movies suck compared to books. We get to make all the characters attractive!

2. Their interesting. Of course they are, someone spends there time, making sure that we love them. And they get paid for it. 

I mean their lives are so interesting, their stories, and the way they see the world. If an author is good they can make you feel as if this person were you, except… You want you date yourself. Okay, actually that’s kind of weird. Anyways, characters can be perfectly portrayed so that you never want them to stop talking, or interacting with the countless other beautiful characters.

3. You freaking know their soul.

When I say this to people they give me this ‘oh seriously? Another one of these crazy fangirls, going on about their love for fictional boys’ and some others give me this ‘You’re a crazy little shit aren’t you?’ and of course some just roll their eyes. But the thing is it’s true. We know that characters soul, and if their soul fits with our soul, what do you expect us to do? You can fall in love with a book character so easily. And even sometimes I wave it off as childish notion,  until I realize, if that character were to show up I’d probably marry them on the spot. I’m dead serious. 

4.You’ve seen them in romantic action. and now you want.

Half the reason you may fall in love with the character is seeing their romantic side when falling in love with a different character. Now this should make us jealous, but it doesn’t. All the time. Because a lot of the time you think that they’re perfect for each other, and you don’t want to wreck their happy ending. But if the female (Or male depending on the character) was too just drop dead nothing would stop you from swooping in and stealing the heart of your character.

5.  Sometimes you’re lonely. I know sometimes I am.

And this is the part most people don’t care to admit. That sometimes the world isn’t listening, and everything is going wrong, and you don’t know who to talk to. And book characters are good, cause’ you don’t even need to talk. You can just hide in their words, to escape using your own. Escape listening to other peoples words. And to mainly disappear. 


And that’s why people like me fall in love with book characters.

Cause they fit into the empty parts in our hearts.



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